introduce yourself

hi! i'm ricco harver. i'm an edm producer from london ontario. i like to write melodic stuff.

describe your music in 5 words and 5 emojis

"brostep final boss type beat" 💫⚡️🎻🎇💥

what are your pronouns

he or they

how do you feel like being poc or being queer affects your experience in navigating online music communities or industry?

diy scenes on popular social networks were a constant minefield because it's way too easy for bigoted people to sneak into a scene and say all manner of dehumanizing shit and get away with it. i ended up having to be on my toes constantly

go ahead and explain what this release means to you or what its about thematically or message wise

a couple months ago i started getting into classic kaiju movies. i was particularly fascinated with how the roars for each of the monsters were constructed from distorted and manipulated sounds of musical instruments and wanted to translate that idea into a song somehow. i later settled on the name "gheedorah" because the sound textures reminded me of the zappy energy beams that shoot from his mouth

during a recent trip to toronto me omni and nanode were brainstorming prompts for a songwriting session and in the moment my brain conjured up the phrase "skastep" somehow. the ska patterns from rudeboy came about from that.

advice to your past self from your current self

don't worry if people say you "sound like [so and so]"; you're always gonna get remarks like that. instead of trying to replicate prior successes, just go with the flow. and get proper sleep!!

what would you change about the music industry or the online music communities youve interacted with in your life